Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Why Buying an Unlocked iPhone 6 is Beneficial for Me

Most often, when people are on the verge of buying an iPhone 6, they generally prefer going to their local carriers so they purchase their desired unit. Since the day iPhone 6 has made its debut, there has been an ever increasing demand for unlocked iPhones.  

The popularity for an unlocked iPhone 6 is growing immensely as more and more people have begun to realise its true benefits which cannot be provided by a factory locked iPhone (be it 6 or 6s).

Here we will discuss about the top advantages enjoyed by people when they buy an unlocked iPhone 6. Also, we’ll talk about the major differences between the locked and unlocked iPhone 6.

What is a locked iPhone?

A locked iPhone is a device that’s bought from a specific cellular carrier. It’s a mobile phone that has been programmed in such a way that it will work only with the carrier’s SIM cards. This iPhone (locked) generally comes equipped with a subscriber contract that binds anyone going for a factory locked phone to the network provider for a period of year or two.

What is an unlocked iPhone?

Talking about an unlocked iPhone, it suddenly becomes so clear why people prefer using this phone over a locked iPhone. This is because buying this phone does not tie them to any network provider in particular. The best part is this mobile phone can be used with any cellular carrier that makes use of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications). Know that GSM is a standard which is used by several providers all around the world.

What are the advantages of buying an unlocked iPhone 6?

1.Switching Mobile Phone Providers

One of the biggest advantages why people buy an unlocked iPhone 6 is because they give them much needed flexibility to switch GSM networks when needed. This seems to be a big benefit for those who often travel for business or pleasure since it gives them an opportunity to change the network service provider in the destination they are heading to.

2.Better Network Options

An unlocked iPhone 6 will let you change to a different network provider without hassles while making the most of fine rates or service. This generally happens if any user is not satisfied with the current network provider.

3.No Contracts

When you use an unlocked iPhone 6, there’s no need to worry about mobile phone contracts and other limitations that come along. Without having to be bothered by paying penalties and other unwanted charges that generally shock a user if he/she chooses to terminate the contract, you’ll be able to change your service provider or mobile phone at any given time.

4.Avoid Hidden Charges

One of the best things about buying an unlocked iPhone 6 is that you do not have to pay any hidden charges that come with a mobile phone service. There are some providers that charge an extra amount of money from customers for allowing them to use certain services, including data and SMS.

Using these services makes a user feel compelled to pay additional or hidden charges. In an unlocked iPhone 6, however, a user doesn’t have to pay hidden charges due to the fact that they can pay as they go.


Buying an unlocked iPhone is the most feasible decision you will ever make as it will give you more flexibility and freedom allowing you to choose the network service provider of your choice.

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