Tuesday, 9 May 2017

What is a Refurbished Phone? What are the Advantages?

Looking to buy a mobile phone? What do you have in mind: A brand new or refurbished mobile phone?

Well, many people, who like to keep themselves abreast of the latest technology prefer settling for a mobile phone in a mint condition, but there’s no escaping the fact that new mobile phones do not come cheap. But consumers out there exercise caution when it comes to purchasing a device that has been owned or used before.

You ought to know what refurbished mobile phones are and what their advantages are, before you buy a refurbished iPhone 5S. 

What is a refurbished mobile phone? How does it differ?

A refurbished mobile phone is the one that’s been returned to the manufacturer or retailer. This device is not new but the one which has been restored as well as tested so it can stand comparison with the standards and specifications of a phone in a mint condition.

On the verge of buying a refurbished iPhone 5S?

Before you give the go-ahead with the purchase of buying a refurbished iPhone, you must consider the cost of the phone, if it has a warranty, and last but certainly not the least, its functions and capabilities as well. 

Another crucial point you must emphasise on, is the fact whether the phone was refurbished by a trusted and reputable company or an unknown entity, as it can affect the functioning of the iPhone and its quality.

Note - A refurbished mobile phone goes through a high level of quality control. It’s both tested and checked individually.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a refurbished mobile phone?

  • Affordable - When you buy a refurbished iPhone 5S, you can easily save up to 15-30% as compared to what you’d pay for a new iPhone. Moreover, what you pay is a one-off payment that has no affect on your credit rating.
  • No Contract - A mobile phone that’s not in a mint condition can be bought without a monthly contract. This indicates what you’re paying is only for the handset. Keep in mind there are some network providers that offer contracts on refurbished mobile phones, but it’s usually not affordable.

    If you’re sure about buying a refurbished iPhone 5S, make sure you do your homework first before making the final call.
  • Eco-friendly - If you buy a refurbished mobile phone that’s already been used or owned, it’s beneficial for the environment. This is because reusing a device instead of getting its parts recycled is the best way to increase its life.
  • Great Flexibility - With the purchase of a refurbished mobile phone as goo as an iPhone 5S, you are not bound to an 18 or 24-month contract (which are the most common types in the UK). You can swap your phone and switch to some other network service provider whenever you want.


Buying a refurbished mobile phone can be the best way to reduce the cost on a new device that may cost you an arm and a leg. There are several great benefits provided by a refurbished iPhone 5S.

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